You know the Iran deal’s solid when Obama feels compelled to send cabinet members out to sell it despite needing just 34 Democratic votes in the Senate to ensure implementation. John Kerry will be a guest on all five shows this Sunday morning while his chief negotiating partner, Energy Secretary Ernest “Prince Valiant” Moniz, will be on four. (He’s not scheduled for “Meet the Press” for whatever reason.) Question one for Kerry: What sort of lunatic would negotiate a deal where Iran gets everything for free if Congress decides the terms of the agreement are unacceptable? Opposite the two of them on “This Week” and “Face the Nation” will be Benjamin Netanyahu, who’ll doubtless stress the unity of Israeli opinion against the deal. As Ed noted yesterday, even Isaac Herzog, Obama’s preferred candidate for prime minister in the last Knesset elections, claimed this week that the deal will “unleash a lion from the cage.” There’s the choice for Chuck Schumer and his caucus — the Israelis on one side telling them the agreement’s a disaster and Team Everything For Free on the other assuring them it’s golden. Tough call.

If you’re looking for 2016 blather this morning instead, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker will be on “State of the Union” and Rick Perry will be on “Meet the Press” to try to bait Trump into another round of poll-boosting rhetorical fisticuffs. The full line-up is at the AP.