Via the IJR, I don’t recall President Infanticide facing a question quite like this during his 2008 run. How can he claim to represent everyone when he takes a position on abortion that a supermajority of the public opposes?

I bet he’d be surprised to be told he isn’t governing as a Christian.

Incidentally, for a show that’s supposedly about amplifying women’s voices, it’s hard not to think Whoopi and “The View” reserved this question for Fiorina because she’s the only woman running on the GOP side. The entire field has the same position on life — it’s a litmus test for a Republican nominee — but Fiorina’s pro-life stance grates a bit more on lefty sensibilities because it’s a betrayal of what women are supposed to think, particularly highly educated, successful professional women. There was no way Fiorina was getting off that stage without being confronted on it. The double standard by which only pro-choice pols can “govern for everyone” is icing on the cake.