I like Josh Jordan’s analogy. “Getting excited” about another Hillary campaign is like getting excited about another Spider-Man movie. You don’t watch because you expect it to be good. You watch because you’re curious to see if they worked out some of the bugs from the last disappointing version.

Excitement is so antithetical to Clinton 3.0, even on the left, that I half-believe this is Hillary’s own campaign slyly goofing on her with sarcasm.

I thought she … already formally declared that she was running. Maybe her handlers decided that the “listening tour” in Iowa has run its course now that the main takeaway from her “ramp phase” is that she won’t answer challenging questions about the new Clinton Foundation sleaze that’s bubbling up week after week. If you want to change the script from “corrupt dinosaur hiding from the press in small crowds of supporters,” what could be more inventive than allowing her to hide from the press in a large crowd of supporters, at an official rally? If she can’t generate any enthusiasm organically from her own public comments, a big audience of bused-in cheering fans will at least provide a simulacrum.

As the countdown to excitement begins, enjoy this archival footage of Obama’s upset victory over Clinton in 2008.