A treat from this weekend in case you missed it elsewhere. The clip’s being credited to the Oberlin College Choir, which seems unlikely given that school’s rep for extreme leftism even by the usual standards of higher academia. But maybe not so unlikely: Oberlin was also the site of the latest SJW meltdown over Christina Hoff Sommers, who’s currently engaged in a brutal campaign to violate campus “safe spaces” by showing up and politely suggesting that “rape culture” is a myth and unfair to men. Her Oberlin talk last month inspired this instantly famous, parody-proof down-twinkles in the Oberlin Review accusing her of being a “rape denialist” and encouraging people to “pull together in the face of this violence.” Maybe we’ve now reached the point, even at Oberlin, where college kids can’t resist goofing on these people (in song!) knowing the vicious down-twinkling and accusations of rape apologetics they’re in for as a result. A healthy turn in an unhealthy climate.

Trigger warning.