A friendly reminder from Jonathan Strong of Breitbart that while the media might have forgotten about executive amnesty amid Ebolamania, the administration hasn’t.

USCIS Contracting will be posting a solicitation for the requirement of Card Stock used by the USCIS Document Management Division. The objective of this procurement is to provide card consumables for the Document Management Division (DMD) that will be used to produce Permanent Resident Cards (PRC) and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) cards. The requirement is for an estimated 4 million cards annually with the potential to buy as many as 34 million cards total The ordering periods for this requirement shall be for a total of five (5) years. This is a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) supply purchase for commercial items, utilizing North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 325211 and Product / Service Code (PSC) 9330. This requirement is for the acquisition of 100% polycarbonate solid body card stock with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and holographic images embedded within the card construction substrate layers, card design service, and storage.

PRCs are, of course, green cards while EADs are work permits, typically issued with a one-year term. Needless to say, the requested supply goes far beyond the demand created by Obama’s last executive amnesty, the DACA program for DREAMers. As of March, 550,000 people had enrolled; even if you assume, say, a million enrollees eventually, that’s 5 million EADs needed at most over the next five years plus, potentially, a million PRCs. Assume another two million work permits issued each year for other guest workers in the normal course of business and add in the current wait list of nearly five million people for green cards. You’re upwards of 21 millions cards needed over the next five years. So what’s that 34 million figure all about?

Per Strong, if you read down into the feds’ solicitation for bids, you find this:


Nine million cards in year one, potentially, to meet “future immigration reform initiative requirements.” Hmmmm. That could, I suppose, refer to a comprehensive bill passed by Congress rather than an executive amnesty ordered by The One. Even if Republicans pass a “security first” bill, they’ll need to make some concession to make it palatable enough for O to sign. (To Democrats, border security isn’t an end in itself.) If they refuse to grant probationary legalization to illegals who are already here, as Dems demand, maybe they’ll compensate by allotting millions more work permits for new guest workers. Even if they allowed an extra million guest workers per year, though, that still wouldn’t be anywhere close to explaining that 34 million number. The only thing that would seem to explain it is O deciding unilaterally to legalize some swath of the 11 million illegals who are already here, making them eligible to work lawfully at American businesses. That would create a huge, sudden demand for ID cards among an enormous population — a “surge,” just as the solicitation describes. Anyone still doubt, then, that he’s going to keep his promise to the left and pull the trigger on executive amnesty in December?

Exit question: What if the GOP wave in November is bigger than expected? Would that cow him into abandoning his amnesty plans at the last minute? I think his legacy is more important to him at this point, but I can see the last remaining survivors among red-state Democrats in the Senate begging him not to make their lives harder than they already are.