Wish I could take credit for that headline but it’s Aaron Gardner’s.

Here’s a nice scoop for Eliana Johnson, who somehow got hold of an early memo prepared by Michelle Nunn’s Senate campaign in Georgia after they stupidly posted it online briefly last winter. Of the many gems within, my second-favorite is the one emphasizing “rural” photo ops to show Georgians that Nunn is one of them. She’s a creature of the Beltway since birth, having grown up in Maryland while her dad Sam served in the Senate, but it’s important when trying to inherit a Senate seat as part of a political dynasty to convince the local rubes that you care about what they care about before being handed the scepter.

As I say, that’s my second-favorite revelation. Here’s my favorite. Those three little letters say so much:

Good news for Jewish donors, I guess. If her line on Gaza ends up being a bit too pro-Hamas, cut her another check and see what happens.

More “rural” pandering here. You trust her to stick to a strong pro-gun-rights line in the Senate, don’t you?

And, when all else fails, trust the media to swan-dive into the tank:

The nonprofit that Nunn leads gave grant money to an Islamic charity that’s been banned by Israel because it allegedly funnels money to Hamas. Her own campaign memo warns her to prepare to be accused of giving money to terrorists. Which is more good news, ironically, for Israel-supporting Democrats: Because she’ll be eager to prove she’s not pro-Hamas, she’ll probably end up taking a fairly strongly supportive line on Israel no matter how many donations she ends up getting. This month only, Michelle Nunn’s foreign policy is on sale!

Believe it or not, this loser is highly competitive in a red state based on little more than the recognition that comes with her surname. See why Chelsea Clinton’s definitely, definitely going to end up running for something someday? Exit question: How many newbie Senate candidates have similar memos like this in their files?