The only way to avoid the red card? Lots of green cards. But the GOP’s been momentarily cowed on immigration reform by Eric Cantor’s loss, a loss Gutierrez himself tried to prevent, so nothing’s happening this summer. That’s his cue to declare amnesty dead, and that’s what makes this clip funny — not the stupid “red card” gimmick but the fact that his idea of punishing the GOP is to demand action on deportations from Obama. Normally that’d be fine by the White House, but not when there are thousands of young illegals streaming across the border with 150,000 more on the way next year. O needs to appease his base somehow, but not four months out from a midterm when conservative turnout is already expected to be high and the news is full of stories about a massive surge in illegal crossings. Gutierrez doesn’t care, though. Your move, Barack.

In other news, your government continues to lie transparently in insisting that the “vast majority” of illegals who’ve entered the U.S. lately will be going home. Nope.