Via RCP, lots of grumbling about this in the Headlines thread but also some disagreement as to who’s mainly at fault. Is it Kraut, for throwing in the towel on a fact-finding effort because it’s not politically expedient? Is it the media, for not treating this scandal as credulously as it would one under a Republican president? Or is it the House GOP, for focusing on the subject only haphazardly? (If the latter, what about the conventional wisdom that Republicans should be spending most of their time highlighting ObamaCare’s failures?)

It’s actually not true that the public is tired of this investigation — although, in fairness to CK, I’m not sure he’s claiming that it is:


That poll was taken just two months ago. Benghazi’s also, understandably, a liability for the Democratic nominee-in-waiting:


Worth pursuing, then, even on grounds of political expedience? Yep, unless it means ignoring other foreign-policy matters involving White House malfeasance or negligence. That’s Krauthammer’s point here, I think. Devoting more House resources to Benghazi necessarily means devoting fewer resources to exposing, e.g., the folly of Kerry’s Israeli/Palestinian peace talks, the White House’s embarrassing Syria deal — which Assad is now openly defying, by the way — etc, and that means sacrificing a chance to make a more comprehensive case against Democratic governance. How likely is it at this point that the GOP will uncover something so big on Benghazi that it’s worth making that sacrifice?