Via RCP. Here’s the audio of the original call from two days ago. The firing offense, I guess, was the operator admitting to him that no one likes That’s so patently true that the president himself held a press conference in the Rose Garden earlier this week to acknowledge it, but it’s one thing for him to say it in the course of a Popeil-esque pitch to buy insurance and another for an O-Care worker to admit it flatly to — gasp — right-wing talk radio. That goes to show you how politicized this ostensibly neutral government program is. In fact, I assume the real reason she was canned was to retaliate against Hannity by victimizing a sympathetic blue-collar worker and then hoping/trusting that he’d take the blame for it somehow. And … that strategy will probably work, at least in left-wing media, notwithstanding (a) Hannity’s offer to give her a year’s worth of salary and help her find a new job and (b) the fact that some jackhole apparatchik tossed her out on the street simply because she acknowledged a truth in public that embarrassed the bureaucracy. That’s accountability, ObamaCare-style. Congrats on finding someone worth firing over the rollout, guys!

We need to get Hannity to call Sebelius now.