Via Newsbusters. As Santayana said, those who do not learn from history are condemned to broadcast their ignorance about it on national cable news.

Probably 80 percent of the public, I’d guess, thought of Nidal Hasan when they heard the news this morning. I’m one of them; it occurred to me that maybe this was revenge from a sympathizer for the death sentence he got a few weeks ago. Here’s the very latest as I’m writing this at a little past noon ET, though:

That smells like real workplace violence, not the euphemistic version that the Pentagon wants you to believe Hasan engaged in. But if it’s workplace violence, how to explain this?

A workplace violence conspiracy involving multiple shooters is unlikely, needless to say. And it seems … odd that the top cop in the District would casually tell the public that there may or may not be two mass murderers still roaming around. Good luck out there, Washingtonians.

The death toll at the moment is six. At least one shooter, possibly the only one, is also dead.