I missed this on Tuesday night but Breitbart didn’t. We’ve reached the point, it seems, where the mayor’s office of a major U.S. city is now a “no go” zone for women who are traveling alone, like some sort of secluded alleyway after dark when a sex offender is on the loose. The best part, though? This is his own policy. His chief of staff tells MSNBC that she and Filner put it in place. Because, I can only assume, they want to make sure that women don’t go telling tall tales about what the mayor did to them. Like those other eight women did.

Is it his own policy, though? Or is even this a lie?

According to a July 17 letter from Filner’s attorney to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, the move to disallow Filner from meeting with women on city property came from Goldsmith.

“While I believe it is highly inappropriate under the circumstances, pending the investigation, Mr. Filner will comply with your request to avoid meeting alone with women on City business or in a City building,” wrote Harvey Berger, who represents Filner…

Lee Burdick, Filner’s chief of staff, told the Rachel Maddow Show that she and the mayor crafted the policy together. She did not start working as Filner’s chief of staff until July 24, one week after the letter was delivered to Goldsmith.

Another lie, allegedly: It wasn’t the city that failed to provide Filner with the sexual harassment training he evidently desperately needed in other to understand that telling your co-workers to lose their panties is inappropriate. Per Breitbart again, the training was scheduled — and Filner’s office canceled it. Which raises the question: How is this guy still mayor? I keep waiting for impeachment proceedings to begin, but … there’s no impeachment mechanism in San Diego. The only options are to prosecute him and lock him up, which will take time, or to recall him, an effort his lackeys are working hard to thwart. This cretin would apparently rather cling to power, disgraced to the point where his own chief of staff advocates not letting him meet with women alone, then resign and repent. Even Anthony Weiner, back in the days when he still had a few scraps of dignity left, finally bowed to decorum and resigned from Congress for sins far less than this.

My favorite part here, incidentally, is Harris-Perry knocking the policy because it’s discriminatory towards women, not because it suggests that women aren’t safe alone with the mayor of San Diego. If Filner decides he won’t meet alone with men either, that would eliminate the discrimination. Problem solved?