I put Ted Cruz’s photo on the front page because he has so many fans among our readership but the newsiest interview this morning will probably be Boehner on CBS. That’s where we’ll get a clue as to whether House Republicans are warming to the idea of a DREAM-type amnesty for young illegals or whether that’s headed down the tubes because of the Hastert Rule.

Cruz will be on ABC to talk 2016, his support for Kirsten Gillibrand’s bill creating a new system to prosecute military sexual assault incidents, and, if we’re lucky, whether he’s inclined to endorse in the Enzi/Cheney race in Wyoming. Hopefully he’ll talk foreign policy too. Peter King (who’ll be on NBC this a.m.) keeps lumping him in with Rand Paul as part of the new isolationist wing in the Senate, but I’m not sure that’s fair. Maybe Cruz will clear things up today.

Meanwhile, expect plenty of chatter about Detroit’s bankruptcy on the panel discussions of each show, as well as the requisite cooing about how important and profound Obama’s comments about the Zimmerman trial were. The full line-up is at Politico.