Lay aside your annoyance at Christie for five minutes and savor this clip. Not because he’s on the right side of the issue, which he is, but because anything that helps move the Democratic Overton window away from shilling for teachers’ unions towards vouchers is a public good. This isn’t so much an endorsement as an anti-endorsement, in fact. Jackson makes a point of emphasizing that he was, and is, a Democrat. But school choice is important enough to lower-class black students that he’s forced to be a single-issue voter this time, especially after Jersey Dems stripped a measly $2 million for a pilot voucher program from the state’s new $33 billion budget. This issue is, for the moment, a litmus test for Democrats nationally. Maybe it doesn’t need to be forever.

If you don’t have time to watch now, that’s okay. You’ll be seeing bits of this vid again in two years, assuming Christie does what we all expect him to do and runs for president.