Via Twitchy, something to cleanse the palate on a slow post-holiday news day. I can only assume that this will inspire a round of response and counter-response between pro-lifers and pro-choicers. Next comes “If My Fetus Was a Vagina,” then “If My Uterus Was a Fetus,” and then full circle with “If My Gun Was a Uterus.” Abortion politics is complicated, my friends.

Anyway, this is predictable insofar as most pro-choice rhetoric is crafted to skirt the heart of the matter. In polite company, like on the floor of Congress, “women’s health” is the euphemism of choice. For the grassroots abortion warrior who’s aiming to light up fellow adherents, framing abortion regs as regulating “vaginas” rather than killing babies in the womb is crude but effective. The punchline is that the gun analogy works both ways: It was gun control, in fact, that John McCormack of the Weekly Standard cited to Democrat Diana DeGette in asking why she supported “reasonable restrictions” for one in the name of saving lives but not in the other. Her answer? Next question. There’s no Republican of real national significance who believes in Second Amendment absolutism the way prominent Democrats, starting with the abortion-warrior-in-chief, appear to believe in abortion-rights absolutism up to (and sometimes beyond) the moment of birth. If your right to kill your child was a gun, Obama, Pelosi, and DeGette would be the radical equivalent of militiamen living out in the woods in their own self-declared “sovereign state.” Which is appropriate, because the state you and I live in sure doesn’t agree with them.

Update: Dude?