Whole lotta Egypt this morning, with would-be prime minister Mohamed ElBaradei the star guest on “Meet the Press.” Expect the guest-panel chatterati to offer various iterations of the following points: (1) Morsi overreached; (2) Islamists will learn from this that violence is the only way to power; (3) Of course it’s a coup! But cutting off aid now will further alienate the Egyptian street; and (4) “Leading from behind” isn’t working out so well, is it?

Elsewhere, the Sunday shows continue their fine tradition of tackling immigration reform with a roughly three to one ratio of amnesty fans to amnesty skeptics. Appearing this morning on behalf of reform: Gang of Eighters John McCain and Bob Menendez plus Bob Corker, Jack Reed, Xavier Becerra, and George W. Bush, who’s decided to make an exception for immigration in his otherwise apolitical post-presidency. Appearing on behalf of border security: Mike McCaul and, maybe, Raul Labrador, who started out on the House’s version of the Gang of Eight and then walked away because of Democratic demands for taxpayer-funded health care for illegals. Labrador’s the only one of the eight people just mentioned who might say something remotely unpredictable, so he’s your best bet.

The full line-up is at Politico.