A little something to follow up on Ed’s preview of the next round of Texas’s legislative abortion slugfest. Via Newsbusters, there’s projection, then there’s Projection, then there’s this. Judging from her tour of the Sunday shows, every Wendy Davis interview on the abortion bill involves the same key elements: Unbelievably embarrassing creampuff questions from the media; Orwellian tap-dancing around the word “abortion” and precisely what termination after 20 weeks entails; mind-numbing chitchat between host and subject about her sneakers; and wink-wink non-denials that the left’s hero is very much interested in running for governor. I don’t think I’ve seen a single story about her filibuster that doesn’t mention the quixotic Democratic plan to win back the governor’s seat by running the left’s new favorite abortion warrior against Rick Perry in deep red Texas, where support for banning abortion after 20 weeks runs at a 62 percent clip. (Perry, shrewdly, is framing the legislative fight as a sort of referendum on Kermit Gosnell and his practices.) Watch this and decide for yourself: Is this Davis’s way of deflecting questions about her own cynical exploitation of abortion politics to win higher office, presumably by mobilizing Texas liberals, by accusing her opponents of it first? Or is it really the jaw-dropping example of projection that it looks like? If you think the latter theory’s implausible, remember — Perry’s been accused regularly by Davis fans of being a “monster,” even though he’s on the side here of not killing healthy, defenseless late-term babies.

Go read David Freddoso’s latest, entitled, “If only Kermit Gosnell had worn pink sneakers like Wendy Davis.” Oh, and the latest news from Texas is that at least one of the Dixie Chicks is on the scene to lend her support, so this is officially a thing now.