You already know who this morning’s star guest is and why show producers are laying down drop cloths to catch in-studio slobber. Politico has Wendy Davis set to appear only on “This Week” and “Face the Nation,” but Zeke Miller of Time tweeted yesterday afternoon that she’ll be on “Meet the Press” too. Not sure why CNN didn’t also go ahead and book her; there can’t possibly be a saturation point among big media for hearing the left’s new hero explain why Rick Perry, who opposes killing healthy babies that are 20 weeks old, is the real monster in all this.

Elsewhere, McCain and Schumer will be on “Fox News Sunday” for some back-slapping and to threaten House Republicans with various forms of political doom if they don’t pass the Senate’s garbage bill. And Julian Assange will appear on “This Week” after Davis to remind us that Edward Snowden’s a secular saint and that the only government whose secrets are really worth exposing is America’s. Full line-up here.