To cleanse the palate. I was going to do another post on the disappointment that is Rubio and how the “American workers can’t cut it” quote from his aide looks even worse in context, but neither of those topics depressed me enough. I needed something more eeyorish, something to make me despair about the judgment of the electorate at large, not just a bunch of Beltway RINOs who aren’t even smart enough to pander to the right constituency. And then, thanks to PPP, I found it.

I can accept defeat on this question but I can’t accept a landslide. Every day, on various topics, I find commenters tweeting “America is finished.” Only now do I realize that they’re right.


No daylight between the RINOs and true conservatives there, my friends. This is why we lose elections.

The partisan split is surprising. Not the Republican numbers, but the Democratic ones:


I thought there’d be a stronger feline showing among both Dems and women. Nope. Both top out at 26 percent. In a world of partisan gaps and gender gaps, the population errs on this one uniformly.

In fact, unless I missed something in PPP’s crosstabs, there’s only one demographic that puts cats within double digits of dogs. It’s landslide after landslide when testing for sex, race, ideology, geography, even vegan/vegetarianism. Only one group makes a contest of it. The free-thinkers, the contrarians — the young adults:


Gay marriage, pot legalization, opposition to intrusive government, and cats (almost). Second look at the brightness of America’s future?

Update: On second thought, Jay Cost figured out a way to make me sufficiently depressed about Rubio.

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