To cleanse the palate. Here’s my problem: On some level, I just can’t accept “Trek” without the camp factor. That’s also why I’ve never much liked the occasional modern attempts to restart “The Twilight Zone.” They never get the tone right. It’s not that the new versions aren’t creepy enough or that the writing’s unimaginative, it’s that they can’t recapture the pedantic kitsch of Rod coming out with that cigarette at the start of each episode to frame This Week’s Lesson for you. One of the reasons “The Next Generation” succeeded, I think, was because it did manage to channel some of the original campiness. Never to a Shatnerian degree, true, but the sets looked like sets, the make-up looked like make-up, and no one seemed to take themselves terribly seriously. (I know, I know — that’s the product of a TV series having a lower budget. What can I say? Maybe “Trek” is better on the small screen.) In the trailer below, it’s seriousness and zillion-dollar F/X all the way. The brooding, 90210-ish, ostentatiously “intense” Kirk is especially jarring. Is that how he was in the first movie or is this trailer catching him at especially melodramatic moments?

If I’m not mistaken, that’s the Enterprise doing a belly flop into the harbor at the end. So there’s that.