If it’s accurate, it’s a 28-point swing since July, which unofficially makes Love the single biggest beneficiary of the GOP convention. Normally I wouldn’t pay attention to an internal poll, but (a) her national profile’s soared since that speech, (b) as Dave Weigel notes, this is a heavily Republican district (hey, it’s Utah), and (c) after today’s unpleasantness, we need a happy poll. I’m skeptical that her final margin will be this wide against a six-term incumbent, but victory seems highly likely.

The next conservative rock star?

Love’s polling firm, Public Opinion Strategies, said that Love is now leading the race, 51-36, and “This heavily Republican district is coming home.” POS said its July poll of the district showed Matheson leading 51-38, meaning the race took a 28-point swing.

Love said in a statement that the support is “encouraging.”

“Sadly, Jim Matheson has turned to false attacks on my community and my family. Now is the time for Jim Matheson to stop his negative campaign,” she said…

The poll also showed Love’s favorability climbing and Matheson’s falling from 68 percent to 57 percent. It also found Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama in the district, 73-25.

It’d be a political miracle for Matheson to hold on against a popular Republican upstart in a district where the GOP nominee’s leading Obama by nearly 50 points. Which, I guess, is why his allies have decided it’s kitchen-sink time.

Here she is on “Huckabee” a few days ago.