Via the Mike Broomhead Show. You read the breathless pool report, now hear the breathless post-confrontation interview! Serious question: What did he think he was going to accomplish by confronting her this way? Her book is what it is, so he had three options. He could have ignored it because, really, who cares what she says about him ? If you’re reading something by Jan Brewer, odds are you’re already a Republican and you dislike O. Conversely, he could have turned on the charm and played it off as a misunderstanding. “Sorry you thought I wasn’t attentive in our Oval Office meeting; let’s meet again and clear the air.” Worst-case scenario is he wastes half an hour hearing her out, best-case scenario is he gets a Republican governor talking about what a productive meeting they had on border security.

The third option is to do what he apparently did — greet her by whining, which gives her an excuse to dump on him again and to advertise her book, sales of which are now bound to skyrocket. Very odd.