The inspiring true story of an American titan who led a movement to save the country from tyranny, was nearly routed, and then through sheer courage and cunning regrouped to ultimately win freedom for the United States — and immortality for himself. I speak, of course, of George Washington’s winter campaign of 1776. Or do I?

First the Pearl Harbor analogy, now this. I laughed at the passage in yesterday’s Bob Woodward article quoting George H.W. Bush’s budget director as saying Newt “talks about four or five great people in history, including Pericles and himself,” but now I wonder. Washington, Lincoln,… Gingrich? Two clips here, one of the ad and one via Mediaite of Krauthammer deadpanning a salute to Newt’s ego. Oh, and be sure to read this Wall Street Journal piece too. You’ll be hearing about it again tomorrow. Exit quotation: “The health bill that Governor Romney signed into law this month has tremendous potential to effect major changes in the American health system.”