Via Mediaite. On Tuesday I gave you the most ominous pause in modern political history; tonight you get the most ominous pause in modern legal history. Why revisit this rapidly fading saga now? Three reasons. One: It’s the first and last time we’ll ever have a chance to say, “Nice job, Joy Behar.” Savor this moment, America. Two: I hate to tell you, but according to Pew’s latest survey of “news interest,” there is a story this week that’s captured the country’s imagination — and it ain’t the debt-ceiling standoff. Demand, meet supply. Three: How often do you see a defense lawyer who got an obviously guilty client off — on two homicide charges involving a two-year-old child! — choke on camera when asked a question like this? You would think she’d lie through her teeth, if only to protect her own conscience: “Oh sure, I’d let her babysit. Ideally, Casey would be running her own day-care center.” Instead, this. How sure is Sims that she hasn’t sent a child-killer back into society? Not sure enough.

And if you think this clusterfark can’t get worse, let me assure you that it can. My friends, it’s come to this.