This may be the first time that this particular permutation of “apology” has been offered for dropping a C-bomb on someone. A forthright apology would be one thing, a “sorry if you were offended” dismissal would be another, but he’s almost trying to mesh the two. E.g., yeah, she really is a c*** — but I hope she doesn’t take it personally. It’s as if Don Rickles ran through a set and ended with, “Seriously, though, I meant every word.” In fact, I always thought one of the reasons the left likes Maher is that he clearly does mean to hurt the feelings of his targets. He’s trying to draw blood from their political enemies and they appreciate him for it. So why not own it?

Two clips here, one of Maher and the other via Mediaite of KP from last night’s Greta lamenting that anyone, let alone a “progressive,” can get away with sexist insults without being called on it. Serious question: Is it even worth posting stuff like this at this point? He’s a provocateur who clearly revels in the attention; Palin herself seems inclined to ignore him going forward; and apart from the occasional complaints from Kirsten and a few other principled liberal feminists, his lefty fans are going to shrug it off no matter how much attention is called to it. Why even bother? Click the first image to watch.