Technically it’s a spoof of the right’s turn towards tea-party populism and obsession with Palin-esque authenticity (“Mike Brant” might as well be called “Mike the Plumber”), but I like the self-aggrandizing formulation of my headline better. Whether a notorious RINO like me who preferred Castle to O’Donnell should be used as a proxy for that phenomenon is questionable, but I think they’re okay here: When I peer verrrry closely at the fake post in their vid, it sure looks like … an Ed Morrissey byline. Am I right? Either way, backhanded though it may be, a mention by the Onion is an honor. Why, unless and until we turn up on Stan’s or Kyle’s computer on “South Park” (not Cartman’s, please), it’s practically a career highlight.

Incidentally, both of their new shows — “Onion SportsDome” on Comedy Central and “Onion News Network” on IFC — are quite good. Although “Dome” comes at a price: From the set to the frenetic graphics to the unctuous aging fratboy hosts, it’s so sharp of a goof on ESPN that you’ll never take “SportsCenter” seriously again. “Onion News Network” doesn’t have that problem since cable news is already held in a healthy amount of contempt.

And yes, Fox News fans, that is indeed FNC alumna Suzanne Sena as “Brooke Alvarez.”