Via the Blaze. Believe it or not, the 90 seconds in the video aren’t the dumbest part; go read the blockquote from his extended floor remarks at Ace’s site for his unified field theory of how all jobs ultimately flow from the First Amendment. Usually it’s the Commerce Clause that’s cited when the left wants to justify a power grab towards a command economy, so give JJJ credit for originality at least.

The most fun part of this thought experiment (apart from figuring out how to pay for it, natch) is imagining the sort of insane lobbying wars that would erupt if the feds suddenly decided to start outfitting huge swaths of the population with specific goods. Not only within industries — e.g., which lucky PC company will get the federal contract for 10 million laptops for kids? — but among industries, as manufacturers across the land try to explain why owning their product rises to the level of a fundamental right. Imagine Anthony Kennedy declaring for a 5-4 SCOTUS majority that the Due Process Clause guarantees you a Cuisinart. A glorious day for America, my friends.