The giggle-inducing response to this morning’s surreal fleebagger offer for a covert meeting near an undisclosed location somewhere along the rough-and-tumble Wisconsin/Illinois border. Walker was comparatively restrained, as you’ll see. If it’s you-cannot-be-serious fireworks that you crave, read GOP Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald’s written reply:

Dear Senator Miller,

Thank you for your hand-delivered letter with an offer to meet, in Illinois, about the business and future direction of Wisconsin.

Let’s set aside how bizarre that is for a moment…

In the meantime, members of your caucus have been meeting with the governor’s staff, talking to the media, trying to find a way back to Madison, and contradicting your message in public. In case you don’t remember, you were present yourself at one of those meetings with the governor’s staff. Your grasp of reality, and control of your caucus as minority leader, continues to amaze me

Your stubbornness in trying to ignore the last election and protect the broken status quo is truly shameful. While we wait for you and your colleagues to finally show up, Senate Republicans continue to stand ready to do the job we were elected to do, here in Wisconsin. I hope you are enjoying your vacation, and your vacation from reality.

C’mon, it’s not Miller who’s controlling his caucus, it’s the left. Just as the right would go berserk if three GOP senators caved and agreed to vote no on the collective bargaining bill, liberals will wage war on any Democrats who split from the rest and come home to Madison to create a quorum. It would be the equivalent of crossing the picket line on one of the most important “strikes” they’ve ever organized. Fear of a recall election organized by progressives and of supplanting Scott Walker as “the new Hitler” or whatever is what’s keeping them in Illinois, not Mark Miller.

The good news, though? If there were any doubts about Republicans breaking ranks, this ought to put them at ease. The more ridiculous the fleebaggers get, the harder it is to vote with them.