I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s the closest thing we have to a true atheist holiday.

And now, my friends, it’s gone global.

While mostly noted today among Americans, Festivus was also inspiring a number of tweets from around the world and for much of the day was a top 10 most-tweeted phrase among tweeters worldwide.

In England, Alice Rooney experienced not a Christmas miracle, but rather a Festivus miracle amid the snow that has clogged highways and brought airports to a standstill. “Making it from Bristol to London on public transport in the current climate surely qualifies as an early festivus miracle,” she tweeted Dec. 20.

Even in Indonesia the fake holiday was noted today, with Haddy Kustaman tweeting: “Festivus Is Here: Time To Air Grievances.” And in Australia, Mik Morley tweeted: “Look out world, the countdown to #Festivus has begun, and I has some grievances…”

Two clips, the second a familiar highlight reel from Seinfeld’s Festivus episode and the first from CNN this morning of Jerry Stiller riffing for seven full minutes on the (fake) Roman origins of the holiday and what it means to him. I haven’t seen “Little Fockers” yet — and won’t — but I’d bet that he delivers more laughs here than Ben does in 100 minutes of that travesty. And with that, let the airing of grievances begin!