Via Conservatives4Palin, remember that nightmare poll last week showing J-Mill in third place, which I tried so hard to debunk? Well, they’ve now straightened things out. Either that or Miller’s gotten an eleventh-hour bounce just as Linda Mezvinsky has started to lose ground: This week it’s Miller 27.1, McAdams 25.9, Write-In 25.3, as compared to Write-In 34, McAdams 29, Miller 23 a few days ago. Two takeaways from that. One: Palin’s rally late last week for our guy really might have helped. Or was it more a case of Lena Moroni’s attempt to strong-arm that Alaskan radio host having backfired? Either way, good news. Which brings us to two: Put on a pot of coffee tomorrow night around midnight if you’re interested in this race, because the vote-counting will almost certainly take us to dawn on the east coast. You won’t want to miss the first ever (and hopefully last ever) 5 a.m. Humpbot, my friends.

C4P also notes that the latest Murkowski internal poll has her up just two points over Miller; last week, a poll commissioned by a group supporting Murkowski had her up by 14. Hmmmmm. Below, via Eyeblast, a simulation of a Murkowski voter confronting a Miller fan.

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