I’m going to give you three options for learning more about Miller’s stupendous act of bravery, one of which comes with a strong recommendation. The first is this WaPo story recounting the circumstances of his death, which is fine if you’re interested only in the basics. The second is the Fox News video below of today’s White House ceremony; Obama’s retelling of the incident, beginning at around 3:30, is actually quite good and worth watching if you can spare the time.

The third, and the one I highly recommend, is this fantastic web feature on Miller on the Army’s website. I’m embarrassed to say that I had no idea they were doing such elaborate online productions for MOH awardees, but whatever they’re spending on them, they’re worth every penny. Everything you could want to know about an American hero is right there — a detailed bio, videos, letters, the president’s remarks, the official citation, and, most impressively, a short video re-creation of the battle in which he lost his life. That’s the one thing in all of this that you simply must watch; clicking on the image below, beneath the Fox video, will take you directly to it. If you can’t devote seven minutes to it — make the time, seriously — skip ahead to Chapter Five and go from there. Not only did he sacrifice himself to save his unit, he took a good dozen jihadis with him. What a loss.