The Right Scoop has the whole speech, but since most of you won’t sit through 18 minutes on a Friday night, you’ll find the money bit below. The “ruling class” stuff leaves me cold mainly because the term can now be used to describe everyone from Karl Rove to NRO bloggers who dare question O’Donnell’s electability. As Quin Hillyer said today at AmSpec about the past week’s disunity, “Just because somebody doesn’t agree on one particular candidate does not make that person an enemy, a squish, a RINO, or a Ruling Class Beltwayed elitist. And it is sick, sick, sick to sling around accusations like that at erstwhile allies who have been with the conservativ[e] movement through thick and thin.” O’Donnell’s target here is a bit more refined than that — she’s aiming at Castle, the GOP leadership, and, er, the “D.C. cocktail crowd” — but needless to say, especially this year, it’s smart retail politics. This is exactly how she should be framing things given her disadvantage in Delaware: It’s not a race about Democrats vs. Republicans or the left vs. the right but rather the “little guy” who doesn’t have a fancy education and struggles to pay her loans against a big entrenched machine. I could have done without the accusation of “anti-Americanism” against the so-called ruling class, but that’s as red-meaty as Palin’s sporadic invocation of things “real Americans” believe. It would have been surprising only if she hadn’t said it.

By the way, a question for longtime Hot Air readers: Does all the ruling class/elitist rhetoric being tossed around these days remind you of anyone? I don’t mean Sarahcuda; I’m thinking back to the 2008 primaries. Maybe this will jog your memories:

“Well, this is kind of music to my ears because all through the presidential run when I was engaged in it two years ago what I constantly came up against was sort of the elitism of the Republican establishment, the snooty down their nose gee you’re not properly pedigreed you didn’t go to Harvard or Yale. You went to a Christian college and you didn’t run with the cocktail crowd in Manhattan. Well you know what? I think the greatest thing that’s happening in regards to the Tea Party is that it’s reminding the rest of America that ordinary people can make a dramatic difference in this country.”

That’s from an interview conducted by David Brody this morning with — ta da — Mike Huckabee. Remember when he used to push the blue-collar “me vs. the elitists” line and we would tear him up in the comments for promoting resentment and intraparty divisions and class warfare? Good times. Click the image to watch.