Most of you know what I mean when I say “Geico firing”; those who don’t can get caught up here. I’m weary of the “which side’s cranks are nastier?” game, especially since it leads inexorably to non-cranks being tarred by association, but I’m even wearier of media shrieking about the looming wingnut apocalypse. So here’s a reminder of what the fringier elements of Progress are capable of. Inevitably, some lefty who’s unable to face hard realities will allege that these calls and e-mails were concocted by FreedomWorks, and just as inevitably, my old boss — who’s been getting garbage like this for years — will have a grim laugh at his naivete. This is rough stuff, so please observe your official content warning. Exit question: Which mainstream leftist media voice will be blamed for creating this “climate of hate”? Cranks always operate at the behest of mainstream commentators, don’t they? Or is that only a “right-wing thing”? Click the image to watch.