Considering that the event won’t happen until 2013 and that his approval rating sank beneath the waves at Gallup just this morning, this is an awfully optimistic case of planning ahead.

Although in fairness, it could be amazing. A weary yet resolute president, gifted with oratorical powers, climbs the dais and looks out over a crowd congregated on some of our nation’s most hallowed ground. Willing himself to rise to the occasion and hoping, somehow, to channel the greatness of the man who preceded him at the scene, he steels himself, opens his mouth and declares:

“I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the rules are.”

One town is already banking on President Obama’s re-election: Gettysburg, Pa. Looking ahead to July 2013, organizers of the 150th anniversary of the decisive three-day clash between Union and Confederate forces have extended an invitation for Obama to deliver his own Gettysburg address, we hear. “That would be really cool,” says Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau President Norris Flowers. “I expect that.”

When I posted the link to this on Twitter this morning, Jay Cost instantly replied, “What are the chances Obama will run longer than Lincoln’s 278 words?” To which I merrily retorted, “What are the chances that the speech will mostly be about him?” But I think it was Sarah Wells who said it best when she observed, “There’s something really important missing from Lincoln’s address and that’s Obama’s amazing life story.” So there’s that to look forward to, too.

Exit question: Is Gettysburg really the right setting for Hopenchange? I can think of a better one.

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