Via Hengler, a new-media publicity stunt hits paydirt. It’s worth watching if, like me, you only glanced at the headlines about this a few weeks ago and had an image of a woman in the stirrups tapping away on her Blackberry while her obstetrician went to work. That’s not how it was. For one thing, she was facing a serious health risk if she’d carried the child to term; it wasn’t a simple matter of ridding herself of an “inconvenience.” For another thing, she did it herself, at home, via RU-486, which takes a while. Presumably most of the tweeting occurred between ingesting the pill and waiting for it to take effect.

The money line: “When a woman does want to discuss it, the reaction is quite strong.” Is it? Or is it more that the reaction is strong when a woman wants to discuss it while it’s happening, on a forum best known for mindless snark and tween obsessions? The YouTube video couldn’t have waited until an hour after it was over? Per her own description, an RU-486 abortion is similar to a miscarriage. Show of hands from everyone who’s experienced a miscarriage: How bummed were you that you weren’t in front of a laptop with TweetDeck open at the time?

The first clip is from CNN, the second is her homemade empowerment memoir.