Given the conventional wisdom that “elitist” derision towards her only makes her supporters support her more adamantly, you’d think savvy Beltway consultants who don’t like her would keep that fact to themselves. And yet. Here’s their answer to the question, “Which voice in your party would you most like to mute?”


That’s among “political” insiders, i.e. consultants. Among senators and congressmen polled, she finished second behind “no one,” tied with Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck, among others. These insiders are the same people, mind you, who earlier this year voted her seventh among Republican governors with the brightest political future (Mark Sanford was fifth). No wonder she enjoys jabbing them with threats about going third-party.

Speaking of insiders antipathetic to Palin, the results of the David Plouffe book challenge are finally in. No surprises there either. Exit question: Now that the book tour’s over and the last of the big media interviews are done, what can she do to get these lines to flip?

Update: Via Greg Hengler, her admirers on the left continue to express their “admiration.”