“’I have chosen not to endorse the Republican in the 23,’ Romney, R-Mass., said while campaigning for GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell.”

“‘Certainly his views represent more closely to mine,’ said Huckabee. ‘I’m not taking a role in that with my PAC, simply because I feel like it would be inappropriate with me at this point — mainly because I’m already speaking to the Conservative Party next week. But it is not an endorsement speech, it is an awards speech, and I don’t want to get the two confused.'”

“[A]s the Tea Party movement has made clear, a passionate grassroots movement now exists, ready to embrace a leader.

“If the Alaska governor locks down that niche voting bloc ahead of the presidential primary season, she could face a smoother course to the nomination. On the flip side, if she’s seen as too closely aligned with the Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck crowd, her viability as a national candidate could virtually become nonexistent.

“By any measure, it’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy.”