The good news: If sales of her book were already stratospheric, this ought to put them in lunar orbit. The bad news: There’s always a chance of a Couric-esque trainwreck when the ‘Cuda goes live. All the more reason to watch if you’re a liberal, no?

Imagine the ratings. Imagine.

Sarah Palin, who was the “biggest get” of 2008, was frozen out of the Oprah show while running for vice president because Oprah was a big Barack Obama booster.

With Obama in the White House and Palin having a book to sell, she has accepted an invitation to appear on the Nov. 16 episode of Oprah.

This figures to be more than an TV show. It will be an event.

I wonder how much of the chat will be devoted to policy versus standard Oprah human drama fare. (E.g., “How hurt do you feel by Levi Johnston showing off his schwanz in Playgirl?”) If O doesn’t try to trip her up with something wonky, the left will never forgive her. Obvious topics for discussion: Death panels, women in politics, and quitting as governor. Less obvious but no less intriguing: Oprah’s decision not to have her on during the campaign and whether it was fair to accuse The One on the trail of palling around with terrorists. If she gets that question and turns it around on Oprah by wondering why she had the integrity to quit Rev. Wright’s crazy church when our fearless leader didn’t, I might endorse her on the spot.

It’s poll time. Let’s do this.