This makes twice now in two months that a child’s stood up during a Q&A with The One to ask why people are being so mean to him or his policies. The last time it happened, the questioner’s mother turned out to be a state organizer for his campaign, but it’s foolish to assume that these kids are all plants. Since the beginning of the summer, you’ve had the DNC describing ObamaCare protesters as “angry mobs,” the Senate majority leader calling them “evil-mongers,” and a variety of lesser Democrats referring to them as racists and even terrorists, and of course the media’s happy to help them carry the message forward. Pound away at a narrative that diligently and it’s bound to penetrate the consciousness of a few news-watching young kids. In fact, it’d be fascinating for comparison purposes to know how many times Bush was asked a question like this. There was plenty of hate directed at him too, but that was the “good” kind of hate so kids might not have processed it as something worth fretting about. Any Lexis-Nexis users want to query this one and see?

In The One’s defense, most people don’t hate him. They just hate him more than Hillary. Click the image to watch.