Think of it. Rush, The One, Van Jones, and Glenn Beck out in the Rose Garden with a case of MGD. Wire them up with lapel microphones and put it on pay-per-view for $100 a pop. Voila: ObamaCare is paid for. Frankly, I’m surprised Limbaugh hasn’t proposed it yet.

I’m also surprised NBC didn’t ask him about his alleged fondness for slavery, an old slur that’s been revived of late by the left to block his NFL bid. Limbaugh says he never said it (“If I had said what they say I said, I would be gone”) and no one seems able to track down the quotation, but the mere fact that liberals claim that he said it is good enough for MSNBC to smear the hell out of him on air. Seriously, he should sue. He wouldn’t win because it’s almost impossible to defame a public figure, but the media attention on how far MSNBC’s willing to go to libel its political enemies would be worth it.

Exit question: He declines to say here that he “loves” Sarahcuda, but why? He was willing to say it 10 months ago.