A typically ballsy reply to their latest desperate threats; the first half of the clip’s mostly background so skip ahead if you can’t be bothered. This was recorded yesterday morning, before the new tape from the New York office was posted, so it’s unclear whether the hints dropped here about more footage on the way refer to anything beyond today’s video. I’m intrigued, though, that Giles seems to say near the end that they weren’t turned away from any ACORN offices they approached. She and O’Keefe have been cagey about that, but if it’s true, this may be another very busy week for BigGovernment.com.

The true stroke of genius in this sting was adding the detail about the underaged girls. Helping out a prostitute would have earned ACORN some defenders on the left and among libertarians. Helping out child-sex-slave traffickers, not so much. Exit question: Do O’Keefe and Giles realize they’re going to be marked for revenge by the left forever? That’s what you deserve for exposing systemic criminal corruption, haters.

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