Alternate headline: No way, no how, no chance is this tool telling the truth. Rarely will you recognize a future GOP campaign commercial as it’s happening but this certainly qualifies, especially now that the NYT’s broken the bad news that America’s tax base of rich people is not, in fact, inexhaustible. So transparent is Gibbs’s lie, in fact, that no fewer than three separate reporters can be found badgering him about it here, all of them plainly incredulous at The One’s plan to build Great Society II — replete with a trillion-dollar universal health care program — via nothing more than a modest surtax on top earners and some Hopenchange loaves-and-fishes magic. Hold on to your wallets, kids. Exit question: If there’s no way, no how, no chance we’re getting a tax hike, why didn’t TurboTax Tim say that yesterday? Click the image to watch.

Update: Rasmussen sees unsurprising peril for The One lurking in any prospective tax hike but more amazing are the numbers on people’s expectations. Only 41 percent foresee paying more taxes under Hopenchange — and fully 11 percent foresee paying less? Huh?

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