Alternate headline if Hot Air wasn’t a family site: “Let me be clear: The time has come to drive American health care into a f***ing ditch.” Only the press corps knows what’s in store for the Q&A but The One’s opening remarks will not disappoint. Evidently he’s going to go after Jim DeMint again for daring to suggest that this is all about him even though it is, in fact, and reportedly by his own admission, all about him. Plus this tasty morsel, which we’ll be feeding back to Barry for many, many years to come:

I have also pledged that health insurance reform will not add to our deficit over the next decade – and I mean it.

We’ll have video lowlights later, especially if someone other than Tapper and Major Garrett surprises by asking a tough question. For your drinking-game amusement, I recommend a sip every time he says something that you know he’ll be insisting he never said a year from now. E.g., “But let me be clear: We have always acknowledged the possibility of grandma waiting six years for a hip transplant.” Enjoy.

Update (Ed): I won’t be live-blogging this, but I’ll Twitter my reactions. You can follow along here, if you’re not on Twitter:

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