No worries. It’s only because unemployment lags behind recovery or “stabilization” or whatever sunny euphemism he’s using now to spin the nightmare. It’s probably just a quirk of my online reading habits but I’ve stumbled across more pessimism about the economy today than I’ve seen since the stimulus passed in February, which makes me wonder if public confidence in The One’s blueprint is starting to deteriorate in earnest. Start with Mort Zuckerman’s harrowing op-ed about how things are much worse than they seem, with the possibility of sustained unemployment at 11 percent ahead. Then read Politico’s description of the “widespread disdain” it found when it surveyed economists from across the spectrum about Obama’s growth projections. Proceed to Time magazine, normally a reliable cheering section for Barry O, where the stimulus is now being pronounced an early failure. And cap it off with new poll numbers from Gallup showing a six-point downward swing on whether the economy’s getting better in just one month. The good news for Obama is that the early rosy projections will be forgiven once things really do start to turn around. The bad news is that blowing $787 billion on a non-fix won’t be.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering where leftist spin is headed next, look no further than Robert Reich. Turns out we can’t blame Obama for failing to kickstart a recovery — because the economy will never recover.