Spectacular meme convergence via Gateway Pundit. “Will Michael Jackson doom Iran?” wonders the Daily Beast. Well, no, silly: Michael Jackson’s dead and can’t doom anybody. Moronic media priorities might doom Iran. To wit:

“I think we can agree that the Iranian regime benefits from the media rush to memorialize, explore and reflect upon Michael Jackson and his legacy,” Ackerman wrote in a blog post last night. In an e-mail interview, Ackerman told the Beast that “anything that takes up Twitter bandwidth away from [the Iran election] is bad for the opposition, and anything that distracts the cable networks from showing images of the crackdown is similarly bad.” He added that the international media distractions could give the regime “more room to violently suppress its opposition during a critical phase.”…

A spokesperson for the New York-based International Campaign for Human Rights, Hadi Ghaemi, said that the intense international media attention on Iran “does have a great impact on how the government treats the protestors,” but said he could not comment on American domestic issues.

“It’s not something we can really do anything about,” Ghaemi said of media coverage of Jackson’s death. “I suppose I’m concerned, but the world is a big place and things happen.”

See this cartoon for a snapshot of what we’ll be getting next week on cable news in lieu of revolution. Exit question: What’s more insufferable, straight-up unapologetic Jackson coverage or weak attempts like this to integrate it with the real story of the day?

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