42 percent say he should stay, the rest are undecided. Honestly, I don’t know why he didn’t quit yesterday. He’s a lame duck with one year left in his term and no hope of higher office. He admitted to the reporter who caught him at the airport that he more or less hates his job these days. Why stay on? Resign and go home to work on your marriage or else file the divorce papers and move to Buenos Aires to live the life.

Here’s video of Krauthammer from last night’s Special Report aptly characterizing Sanford’s hopes of an intercontinental affair as “sort of insane” given his public prominence. He didn’t know the half of it: According to Politico, Sanford was planning to stay fully 10 days in Buenos Aires, not six, and if you believe TMZ, he and his mistress were very publicly flaunting their affection for each other at local bars. Maybe Kraut’s right; maybe Sanford had some bizarre sublimated wish to get caught. Or maybe he was just so moony in love that he wasn’t thinking clearly. Or, a third possibility, maybe his personal quirkiness somehow added up to being one of the most inept philanderers ever.

Only one thing’s clear at this point: Pretty much everyone in America’s dying to see photos of the mistress to make their own personal “was she worth it?” judgment. Well, here you go. Let the judgments begin!