I thought they were low-rent in taking money from a tabloid talk show to dish about the other half of little Tripp’s family, but now that I know they were doing it gratis, for the sheer sport of it, well, that changes everything.

The media’s having a grand old time snickering about this story, as they’ll continue to do with anything that plays into their narrative of Palin being the center of some sort of freak show (see, e.g., the turkey clip they all love so much). You’d think the Johnstons would be sensitive enough to that, at least, to sit with a respectable journalist if they were intent on stooping to a tell-all. Instead they went with the trashiest venue they could find this side of Springer. What happened? Was “Maury” all booked up?

Word today from the Washingtonian is that Sarahcuda and Bristol may do some dishing of their own, albeit on more useful subjects. Click the image to watch.

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