As inspired by one of their iReporters. I told you in December that a Senate run was inevitable. CNN takes it one step further:

The news website also launched a poll on its homepage, asking, “Should Michelle Obama run for president in 2020?”

At press time for this article, with 200,000 votes tallied in the unscientific poll, 83 percent of respondents answered no, with a ratio of over 165,000 against the idea to only 35,000 in favor…

Despite an overwhelming number of poll respondents voting against a Michelle Obama candidacy, online comments in reaction to O’Reilly’s video are fairly mixed.

“Michelle Obama is an exceptional woman with great charisma and overwhelming intelligence,” writes a poster identified as adbabler. “She would make an excellent candidate for the top office of the land. If she decides to run for President, I would love to support her.”

No doubt comments opposing a Hillary run would have been overwhelming circa 1993, too. Here’s how you’ll know if she’s serious about running for office herself: The One will shock the world by endorsing Roland Burris for Senate next year, implicitly signaling some sort of agreement by which Burris will retire come 2016 so that Michelle can run for the seat. Barring that, the Obamas will have no options except appointing Durbin to a cabinet post in his second term, freeing his seat for a special election.

Don’t act so shocked. Hillary blazed the trail in this area and the media loves Michelle even more than they loved her. Why wouldn’t she run?