The Daily Mail wonders, did he snub her or did she snub him? Given that she used to be a supermodel, I’m guessing he didn’t snub her.

Politics ends at the water’s edge, my friends. When it comes to the president of the United States getting a kiss from the world’s hottest first lady, we stand united.

It is usual in France to greet one another with a kiss – but the best Mr Obama could get out of a suddenly flustered Carla Bruni was a handshake.

Ms Bruni appeared to lean in to kiss the president’s cheek as she greeted him on his arrival in Strasbourg for a Nato summit today.

But when Mr Obama did not seem to reciprocate, she hesitated then quickly backtracked, settling for the handshake and a smile instead.

Hard to tell from the vid. A tough day for Mrs. S overall, it seems, as the media’s decided she lost her fashion showdown with Michelle Obama. And to think, Howie Kurtz finds their coverage of her a tad gushy.