Dedicated to my beloved boss, the biggest Michelle Obama fan of all. No doubt Greg Hengler could have made this 10 minutes long if he’d wanted to — there’s no shortage of fawning footage available — but blog readers like things snappy so he wisely observed the three-minute rule. In fairness, I think only part of this is attributable to lefty bias; the rest is due to the media’s fascination with royalty and fairy princesses (see, e.g., Diana and Caroline) and their enthusiasm for facile historical parallels that lend themselves to easy narratives. If you think the Jackie Kennedy comparisons are heavy handed now, imagine if the G20 was being held in Paris. Good lord. They’d be re-running Jackie’s White House tour daily on MSNBC.

Incidentally, Mrs. O’s favorable ratings are near majority levels even among Republicans. Just sayin’. Click the image to watch.