Stranger things have happened. Well … actually, no. Nothing stranger ever has.

Oh well. Hail Xenu.

GAM Australia CEO, Bryan McGee, has told the groups are a perfect fit.

“Although by definition we are anti-religion, Scientology is not so much a belief system as an integrated method of knowing,” he said.

“Their beliefs and practices are based on science – hence the name.

“More importantly, their structures and disciplined approach is exactly what a wide-ranging movement like ours requires.

“I would be surprised if any of the world’s major religions – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism – will be able to hold a candle to us by 2020.”…

Mr McGee says the publicity campaign planned for the launching of 1Truth will be something special.

“We’ll be staging mass nude demonstrations across 136 nations,” he revealed.

Looking forward to meeting Ariane Sherine at the demonstration, not looking forward to meeting Hitch. I’m going to go out on a limb and postulate that the date of publication holds a clue to the veracity of the story — and indeed, a Google search of “Bryan McGee” and “atheist” returns no relevant hits — but let’s not spoil the dream. Exit question: Does this mean I’m now qualified to advise Palin? I kid!

Update: I’m informed that Xenu is, in fact, the villain in Scientology. I have much to learn from “Dianetics.”